How to Get Around in Thailand

Planning your holiday in Thailand? Make sure to know your options for getting around, so that you can explore the island country to the utmost corners.


To go from island to island, using boats such as jetfoils, speedboats and reu·a hăhng yow (long-tail boat) is common. These are often privately-run – avoid vendors that seem to overcrowd the ferries with passengers to avoid capsizing and/or other accidents.



Go for either the public buses run by Baw Kaw Shaw (BKS), or private buses from trustworthy companies like Nakhon Chai Air, the Transport Company and Green Bus Company. Buy the tickets from the bus station to get the best rates and avoid scams.


Cars and Motorbikes

Driving in Thailand can be a bit of a hassle due to the traffic jams, but you can also have more freedom in exploring the cities. Some rental places might require you to produce an international driving permit, but in general you can just use your regular driving license. When renting cars, be aware that drivers sit on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. When renting motorbikes, don’t forget to ask for helmets – they’re required by law and reduce the risk of road hazards.


Local Transport

Thailand’s above-ground Skytrain, or also known as the BTS, is a clean and modern option to travel. There is also an underground choice or the MRT, but it has fewer stops. You can also take the city buses (fixed fare), motorbike taxis or mor·đeu·sai ráp jâhng, and túk-túk (bargained fare).



You can use trains for long trips to the North (Chiang Mai) or South (Surat Thani), or just as a substitute for cars for short trips.


Have a fun, safe trip!